Executive Team

Executive Team

Patrick Haddad


Patrick Haddad served in the United States Marine Corps, and is proficient in 28 different coding languages. He is a Forbes recognized leader in Big Data Search Engine Marketing and Digital Strategy. As a Tech CEO, Keynote Speaker, and Enterprise Digital Strategist, his services have been utilized by over 6500 companies worldwide, including more than 15% of the Fortune 500.

Despo Caldwell


Despo Caldwell is a life long entrepreneur. She is a partner of a medical management group for the last two decades, working with hospitals, surgery centers, imaging, and other ancillary businesses in the Healthcare Market owning many of the company’s she managed. Ms. Caldwell has overseen the management of over 300 employees at many different locations throughout the US. She is proficient in scaling up businesses quickly as she went from a $2M to $50M in revenue in less than 4 years. Ms. Caldwell studied finance and international business at the London School of Economics and the University of Texas at Austin. She has served on the Board of Entrepreneurs Organization for the last 6 years, was a founding member of Rotary Club of Houston International and is the current president.

Don Ballard


Don Ballard has worked in the services market owning multiple healthcare Ancillary Business. Don has managed over 500 employees across the United States with multiple locations and project managers offsite. He has many connections with large industry leaders both nationally and globally. As the CEO of a multi-state healthcare conglomerate, he knows how to manage efficiently. Mr. Ballard has dealt with US regulatory compliance and multiple changes that need pivoting with those changes. Besides his strong operational experience, Mr. Ballard’s values are based strongly on providing the best Quality and Service. His customer service expertise is based on keeping customers happy and providing the best quality care available. He has a degree in Business Marketing from Texas A&M University.

Jeffrey Gouge


Jeff is passionate about connecting healthcare professionals to labs and products that have a positive impact on the industry. He uses his network and drives to pursue the dream of making the healthcare industry operate at a much higher capacity by utilizing new technology.

Bradley Allen


Bradley Allen has a molecular diagnostic, infectious disease and pharmaceutical background. He specializes in software integration and marketing within the healthcare space.

Nathanael Woodring


Nathanael is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years of success developing innovative digital products through strategic and technical leadership. He has guided several companies from inception to launch by leveraging agile product management methodologies and bridging the gap between business stakeholders and technology. Mr. Woodring spent 11 years in the United States Marine Corps and has advised several Veteran 501c3 charities during their startup process.