What Exactly is Disinfect & Shield?

Disinfect & Shield is both a process and a product that allows users to apply a safe and fast-acting, FDA registered hand sanitizer, or EPA registration pending disinfectants that destroys viruses, bacteria and other microbes on contact and prevents them from attaching to any surface where it has been applied. It is recommended for all facilities and even for application to health professionals’ personal protective equipment (PPE). For example, when sprayed on a surgical mask, Disinfect & Shield provides improved protection as compared to an untreated mask. Disinfect & Shield is available both in bulk for commercial use and as a hand sanitizer.

What Makes Disinfect & Shield Different from Other Disinfectant Products?

There are significant differences:

  • Most products used in decontamination kill by using chemicals but quickly lose their effectiveness through evaporation and other reasons. Disinfect & Shield destroys on contact, keeps killing indefinitely, and creates a continuous protective layer, preventing dangerous organisms from attaching.
  • Traditional methods of decontamination involve the use of varying types and degrees of toxic chemicals – often alcohols, bleaches and acids that are harmful to humans, animals and plants. Disinfect & Shield is both eco-friendly and completely safe for use around humans, animals, and plants – including crops.
  • Disinfect & Shield includes a suite of products such FDA registered hand sanitizers, and EPA registration pending disinfectants.
How Does Disinfect & Shield Work?

When a surface is coated with Disinfect & Shield, millions of nano “swords” begin forming and bonding with the surface, effectively destroying the cells of the biothreat attempting to attach to the object resulting in a “mechanical kill.” Disinfect & Shield modifies the treated surface, preventing adhesion, disrupting microbial communication, and prohibiting colonization, reproduction and proliferation of the virus or bacteria.

Who Should be Using Disinfect & Shield?

Organizations across every sector – public and private – have been using Disinfect & Shield for years. Any place where people gather to work or play needs to be kept as free from harmful elements as possible. Applications include, among many others:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Public Transportation
  • Airports and Planes
  • Hotels
  • Government Facilities
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Cinemas
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Bars and Night Clubs
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Cruise Ships
Is Disinfect & Shield Safe?

Unlike so many other virus-removing products, Disinfect & Shield is eco-friendly. It is safe for use around humans, animals and plants. There are no harmful chemicals, so it can be applied to any surface at any time without worry. It can even be used effectively on personal protective equipment (PPE) to provide additional safety and confidence to first responders and medical professionals.

What’s the Proof That Is Disinfect & Shield is Effective?

Several laboratories have conducted extensive testing of the Disinfect & Shield product against numerous viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi – enveloped and non- enveloped, including strains of SARS, H1N1, and EBOLA virus. None of these organisms was able to penetrate or survive contact with the Disinfect & Shield protective coating. Detailed testing information is available upon request. Ask about our ATP testing as well!

What type of Disinfect & Shield Services are available?

For more info visit our services application page

We offer complete disinfecting services. Our Disinfect & Shield disinfection service is straightforward, and we can spray any area, from a small space to an entire facility. Once our team completes the spray, you will be ready for foot traffic immediately. You can arrange to have our services performed at the most convenient time for you – even at night, so your spaces can be clean and ready first thing in the morning. In other words, there is no impact to your operations. Once Disinfect & Shield is applied to the targeted area, it begins to work immediately and continues to prevent and kill viruses, bacteria and microbes.

How is Disinfect & Shield Applied?

Disinfect & Shield can be applied to any surface, hard or soft, using a variety of application techniques. Here are some of them.

Applicator Type Coverage in Square Feet per Gallon
Coverage depends upon applicator type and ranges, as shown below
Hand pump sprayer 1,100
ULV mister 3,700
Renuent dry fogger 3,250
Electrostatic sprayer 4,725
Application Coverage 1 gallon = 5K Sq Ft

Average Height of Room: 8 feet

Cubic Meter = 1132.6632

Are Disinfect & Shield Products Available to Individual Consumers?

Yes – you can purchase smaller quantities for your household or business at disinfectandshield.com/shop. For bulk orders, please contact our customer service team disinfectandshield.com/sales

Why is Hand Sanitizing So Important?

COVID-19 is a serious and sometimes fatal respiratory illness that can easily spread from person to person. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “Most germs that cause serious infections . . . are spread by people’s actions. Hand hygiene is a great way to prevent infections.”

What Is Disinfect & Shield Hand Sanitizer?

Disinfect & Shield 8 Hour Hand Sanitizer destroys 99.99% of bacteria. Disinfect & Shield Hand Sanitizer is completely eco-friendly and non-toxic. It’s available as a moisture-infused foam or spray that leaves an invisible, “breathable” barrier on the skin that protects for up to eight hours. Individuals whose hands may be subject to abrasion may want to apply it more often.

What’s the Advantage of Disinfect & Shield Hand sanitizer Over Other Hand Sanitizers?

Disinfect & Shield not only destroys 99.99% of bacteria but is also eco-friendly, making it ultra-safe for use around pets and plants too. Perhaps most importantly, it protects for up to a full eight hours. Unlike most hand sanitizers, Disinfect & Shield is alcohol-free, thus eliminating the harsh fumes and cracked, dry skin that accompanies alcohol-based sanitizers. Instead, Disinfect & Shield is benzalkonium chloride-based which is safe for us one PPE such as gloves.