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Disinfect & Shield has FDA-listed sanitizers and an EPA N-list disinfectant disinfectant. Inadequate disinfectant procedures have hampered worldwide efforts to control environmental contamination by a coronavirus. Dependence on conventional antimicrobial formulations offers only short-term protection of surfaces that become contaminated. We need to adopt more effective and safer formulations that deposit long-lasting and powerful antimicrobial activity on treated surfaces, both hard and soft. Disinfect & Shield protection is the solution.

It’s Eco-friendly

Unlike so many other virus-removing products Disinfect & Shield is non-hazardous. Traditionally, dangerous biohazards (bacteria, viruses, etc.) have been fought with “chemical Kills” that are also toxic to humans and animals. No longer. Completely free of harmful chemicals and safe for humans, animals and even crops, our product can even be used without protective bodysuits or masks. There are no harmful chemicals, so it can be applied to any surface at any time without worry. Plus, it’s eco-friendly!