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We offer complete disinfecting services. Our Disinfect & Shield disinfection service is straightforward, and we can spray any area, from a small space to an entire facility. Once our team completes the spray, you will be ready for foot traffic immediately. You can arrange to have our services performed at the most convenient time for you – even at night, so your spaces can be clean and ready first thing in the morning. In other words, there is no impact to your operations. Once Disinfect & Shield is applied to the targeted area, it begins to work immediately and continues to prevent and kill viruses, bacteria and microbes.

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Coverage depends upon applicator type and ranges, as shown below

Applicator Type Coverage in Square Feet per Gallon
Hand Pump Sprayer 1,100
ULV Mister 3,700
Renuent Dry Fogger 3,250
Electrostatic Sprayer 4,725
Application Coverage

1 gallon = 5K Sq Ft

Average Height of Room: 8 feet

Cubic Meter = 1132.6632